Program Faculty + Staff

Abigail Butcher
Abigail Butcher

NSURE Program Coordinator

Jarrod Call

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology (Exercise Science Programs)

Research Interests: Skeletal muscle physiology, mitochondrial physiology, regenerative medicine, muscle electrophysiology

Julie Coffield


Research Interests: Toxicology, neurotoxicology, cellular mechanisms of Botulinum neurotoxins

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Adriana Copley

NSURE Program Assistant

Jonathan Eggenschwiler

Associate Professor, Genetics

Research Interests: Genetic analysis of mouse development, cell fate specification in the embryonic central nervous system, patterning of the body plan’s left-right axis

Nik Filipov

Professor, Physiology and Pharmacology

Research Interests: Neurotoxicology, neuroimmunology, communication of the nervous systems in health and disease, basal ganglia disorders

James Lauderdale


Research Interests: Cells and disease, cells in development

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Sheba MohanKumar

Associate Professor, Veterinary Biosciences and Diagnostic Imaging

Research Interests: Neuroendocrine immune interactions in the context of reproduction and stress, prenatal stress and programming of obesity, environmental exposures and their impact on stress and reproduction, biomarker development for various human diseases

Emily Noble

Assistant Professor, Foods and Nutrition

Research Interests: Feeding behavior, physical activity, energy expenditure, mechanisms by which diet and exercise affect the brain and cognitive function

Jesse Schank

Assistant Professor, Neuroscience; Physiology & Pharmacology

Research Interests: The role of stress and neuropeptides in drug-seeking behavior using behavioral pharmacology, neuroanatomy, and molecular neuroscience.

Frank West

Associate Professor, Neuroscience, Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests: Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide. We explore the potential of neural stem cells and other regenerative therapies to recover lost and damaged brain tissue. We utilize a novel pig ischemic stroke model in conjunction with magnetic resonance imaging, cognitive, motor function testing and histology.