Undergraduate students take part in a 8-week interdisciplinary, research-immersive experiences in neuroscience laboratories across the UGA campus. Participants begin the program by completing a one-week intensive training in lab basics, safety, and biomedical ethics. Beginning in the second week, students enter their host lab where they spend the remaining eight weeks working under the guidance of their primary faculty mentor on an interdisciplinary project in collaboration with a second faculty member.

Throughout our summer program, participants are mentored by their assigned faculty/graduate student team. Students participate in several aspects of research from project design, data collection and analyses, to presentation and dissemination. In addition to this research focus, our program provides ample opportunities for participants to interact with faculty and students outside of their primary host laboratories. These include intellectual activities such as those that stimulate interdisciplinary discussions (laboratory meetings and journal clubs), training in transferable skills such as communicating scholarship and working in multidisciplinary teams, and social activities that build community and networks. 

Cultivate knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, cell biology, and more using models from yeast to swine.

We've got you covered: generous stipend, food and travel allowance, and free housing!

Grow professionally. Create an end-of-program poster and continue your research for future publication.

Program Components

Orientation & Kickoff BBQ NSURE kicks off with an introduction and review of our program to orient our new recruits. A welcome BBQ follows shortly.
Research Daily activity is primarily dedicated to research in either a student’s hosting or rotating lab.
Lab group meetings Students participate in weekly meetings with their host labs to discuss scientific ideas and literature.
Social field trip A little break from the lab for team building
Professional development Weekly lunch meetings where students hear from mentors on various topics related to career cultivation
Closing research symposium Our program closes with a half-day research symposium. Participants present their research to an audience of faculty, mentors and other REU students during a poster session.